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World-class singing & rapping vocal chains designed to take your vocal recordings to the next level.

For every DAW.

spice up your vocals

With our vocal chains, you can add the finishing touch to your vocals. This vocal chain pack contains stock plugin chains and third-party chains for your singing and rap vocals. Works on male & female vocals.




Professional Singing Chain

About the engineer

Alex Vasi aka MixedByVasi is a multi-platinum mixing & mastering engineer with over 10 years of experience. Worked with the biggest artists International acts like Kris Kross Amsterdam, Ally Brooke (Fifth Harmony), Vegedream, and 90% of the dutch hip hop artists like Lil Kleine, Ronnie Flex, Kevin, Mula B, 3robi, and more. Alex made a couple of vocal chains especially for you to get your vocal performances to the next level. Easy to use and easy to edit.

Works in female and male vocals.

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Rap and singing chain for FL Studio 20, Ableton & Logic Pro 




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Rap and singing chain for FL Studio 20, Ableton & Logic Pro 

THIRD PARTY PLUGINS (Fabfilter Bundle + Waves)






Frequently asked questions

In what DAWs can I open the vocal chains?

- Ableton Live 10 - FL Studio 20 - Logic Pro X

What plugins do I need?

Stock Plugin Chains: For the stock plugin chain, you don't need any third party plugins. Only stock plugins from Ableton, FL Studio or Logic Pro are used to create the chains. Third party plugins chains: For the advanced chains you will need the following plugins: - FabFilter Pro Q-3 - FabFilter Pro MB - FabFilter Saturn - Waves (RVox, CLA Vocals, CLA-2A, DeEsser, PuigTec EQP1A, C6)

How can I open the vocal chains?

You can use the vocal chains by simply dragging one of our chains into the mixer channel of your vocal.


All our samples come with a license that gives you permission to use our samples in your beats. No catch, just 100% royalty-free sounds.


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