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From Melodies, to Drums, to Synth Shots, everything you need is included in this pack. Freeze will help you as a hiphop producer to make your beats go from moderate, to the next level. Our team has been working on this project for months and we're excited to make it available for you.

This pack includes royalty free Melody Loops, 808s, Drums, Synth Shots, FX, MIDI Files and even an exclusive tutorial by multi-platinum producer Trobi.

unique melodies

We found out that creating your own melodies is something that's difficult for a lot of producers. That's why we created different melody loops that you can flip, pitch, process and more to make it really sound like you. Every melody loop comes with a MIDI File so you can get inspired and create a whole new melody out of it.

IQ - Freeze - Piano Melody 9 - Bmin

IQ - Freeze - Synth Halftime Melody 7 - GMin 

Essential Drums

Using the right Drum Samples is a must for every producer. We created a great selection of drums varying from Kicks, Claps, Snares, to Hi-Hat Loops & Full Drum Loops. 

IQ - Freeze - Kick 02

IQ - Freeze - Perc 10

IQ - Freeze - Rim 05

IQ - Freeze - Clap 07

IQ - Freeze - Snare 05

IQ - Freeze - Hat 01

big 808'S

Using the right 808 samples in your beats is super important to get a proper and big low-end. We made 10 different 808 samples that will work in any type of hiphop track. Low subs, distorted or punchy 808's, it's all included in this pack

IQ - Freeze - 808 Sauce - D

IQ - Freeze - 808 Ice - C


FX can transform your beat from something dull to captivating. It's so important to bring your beats to life by using short FX samples to keep the listener interested.

Synth shots are also included in the pack. With the synth shots you can easily create your own unique melodies from scratch. There are different styles of synth shots, so you have enough to choose from.

IQ - Freeze - Impact 01

IQ - Freeze - FX Clock

IQ - Freeze - Synth Shot 02

IQ - Freeze - Synth Shot 05


In the pack we also included an amazing bonus. This bonus consists out of an exclusive tutorial by multi-platinum producer Trobi. He will show you how he makes a beat from scratch using the samples from the pack. Learn how to turn a melody loop into something unique, how to create a nice bounce and finish a beat.

IQ Freeze Masterclass preview
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All our samples come with a license that gives you permission to use our samples in your beats. No catch, just 100% royalty-free sounds.



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